Community Manager

The CM is the professional who builds and manages the online community. Basically, they manage the brand’s interactions with users. It is one of the most important figures in digital media because it is the living voice of the company, which is why delegating this function to true professionals is so important.

"It is a proven fact that a good image determines the success or failure of individuals, as well as companies and institutions."

-Ana Raquel Chanis-


Community Manager Services

Although this role is one of the most prominent and currently in high demand, there are still some who think it only involves managing social media, which is not the case.

This professional builds, manages, and administers the entire online community. They aim to create and maintain stable and lasting relationships with clients.

Indeed, effective communication skills are necessary for this communication process. However, their primary function is research and trying to turn clients into ambassadors. In this way, they will be the ones to advertise, and moreover, for free.

Community Manager

We maintain a good quality-price ratio and offer very attractive rates.

We have a highly professional team, experts in the field, to provide you with the best services.

We reach wherever the client may be. Our professionals are distributed throughout Spain.

We offer reports and data analysis that allow our clients to measure the return on investment.

Learn about our work method.

We will never publish anything without your prior permission. You will be involved in the entire design process, and once we have your approval, then we will proceed with the publication. Our goal is to maintain a strong relationship with our clients based on trust

We adapt to your budget. In the digital age, these services are a necessity, not a luxury. So, you set the price yourself, and we will study the best options.

We want to speak the same language, so we will send you reports periodically for you to verify the return on your investment yourself. You will notice results almost from the first day.

Everything we publish will be optimized. In other words, we will try to position your company among the top search engine results so that you rank first organically.

CM Agency

These functions can no longer be delegated to just anyone. They must be carried out by true experts who have communicative skills, as well as knowledge in SEO, copywriting, lead generation, and above all, flexibility.

The community manager is the living voice of your image on the internet. We cannot afford to damage our reputation by hiring the wrong person.

Marketing Through Social Networks

In a world so accessible to the internet and with such ease of information transmission, it is important to maintain a good digital image.

Our reputation in the online world can backfire and lower our sales level.

Don’t allow yourself to reach this point; hire professionals in the field.