Marketing Beauty salons.

Marketing and the need to create a value proposition has shifted to all businesses. Thus, beauty salons have developed a new need: marketing.

As experts in digital marketing we will propose the best solutions to make you known and maximize your profitability.

trust Makwins


We believe that trust is the basis of any relationship. Thus, we will build a professional relationship based on trust and fluid communication.


We know that digitization is a necessity. So we will try to create unique proposals with the budget adapted to your business.


We assure you that all the strategies we propose will be designed taking into account your target client. We will analyze your behavior and the best way to achieve it.


In order to measure the profitability of your investment, we will provide you with analyzes and reports where you will be able to measure it yourself. We leave technicalities behind so that we understand each other perfectly.

“It is a proven fact that a good image determines the success or failure of people, as well as businesses and institutions”

-Ana Raquel Chanis-


Digitization services

We like to define ourselves as true marketers. Our years of experience in the sector support us. So as digitization experts we can help hairdressers and beauty salons.

Among our services we highlight: social network management for companies as well as copywriting services.  Thanks to the latter, we will be able to write texts that work as commercials.  Only in this virtual showcase they will be visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which will make your client never see « alone ».

Many responsibilities fall on the figure of the copywriter, such as the generation of leads, the reputation of the company, notoriety and presence in networks, and therefore, it is important to have a professional.

Social media management and the creation of payment campaigns has become a fundamental tool to increase visibility and improve the conversion rate.  We will help you segment and get to know your client better. Your ads will always fit your budget and reach whoever you decide. 

And best of all, thanks to our reports and analysis you will always be measuring for yourself the return on your investment.


Know our working method

It all starts with a previous contact so the best thing is that we know each other, tell us what you are looking for and we will tell you how we make it happen

Digitization and the way of doing marketing has changed. And our goal is for you to join the wave and not stay behind. Our marketing strategies are adapted to all sectors and as we know that no company is the same as another and each has different needs. We adapt to all pockets. You will be able to control your investment and you will never spend more than necessary.

Our management is different for all clients and we are concerned with creating a unique design for each one. We create a quality content, different and striking for your potential clients.

At no time will we leave you out.  You have a voice and a vote so we will have your opinion at all times. Everything is modifiable, and if it is not to be liked, we will find another solution that we both like.

Marketing Agency

As mythical as it may seem, it is true. If you are not on the internet, you do not exist. We will ensure that they are not only able to find you in the digital media, but that they opt for you and not for the competition. We will create attractive social networks, well-positioned web pages and advise you on the best software to optimize time.

Marketing through copy

A marketing agency to transform readers into clients. to organize events and meeting.