Integrated press management and newsletter

The drafting of press releases as well as newsletters is here to stay. The former is a way to send information to the media as a form of promotion. The latter is directed directly at those who are already subscribed.

Both have the same objective: to inform the recipient.

"It is a proven fact that a good image determines the success or failure of individuals, as well as companies and institutions."

-Ana Raquel Chanis-


Press Management Services

Press releases are a way of creating content. However, this time, it’s not you who is delivering the message, but the media.

Writing the press release isn’t difficult; the challenge lies in getting it published. That’s why it’s important to choose a topic of journalistic interest, select a typography and your corporate logo in a way that is easily readable, and of course, very clear and concise.

On the other hand, newsletters are informative brochures received by those who have subscribed to this service. They should be sent regularly, tailored to the interests of the audience, follow the company’s guidelines, and choose a subject that grabs attention.

Both can be very effective techniques for increasing visibility and building trust with clients.


We maintain a good quality-price relationship and offer very attractive rates.

We have a highly professional team, experts in the field, to provide you with the best services.

We have professionals throughout Spain. Our expansion knows no limits.

We offer reports and data analysis that allow our clients to measure the return on investment.

Know our work method

Firstly, we will study your business plan. This way, our team can advise you better on the services that are necessary for your business. We will analyze all threats and strengths, and based on these, we will develop a proposal.

The price of press releases and newsletters depends on the length, quantity, and topic. However, tell us what you are looking for, and we will try to accommodate it.

We want to speak the same language, so we will send you reports periodically for you to verify the return on your investment yourself. You will notice results almost from the first day.

We not only produce catchy texts for the client but also for search engines. Your new writings will always be visible on the Internet, thus improving your organic positioning.

Press Management Agency

We are aware of the importance that the media has gained. A single article in a newspaper can double sales. Therefore, as our goal is for you to grow with us, we will try to get you published in many media outlets. The more, the better. We will write the best articles for the best newspapers. On the other hand, the newsletter service can be used to retain the client and have them recommend us or to attract them and make them choose us. Therefore, our goal will be to not only attract the client but also to make them stay with us.

Marketing through the Press

Knowing the impact that the media has on our lives, we cannot miss this opportunity. So, we will make the most of it and devise the best strategy.